Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Big Changes Coming!!!

Hello all,

I know I haven't been around for a long, long time!!!!

I have some news to share and it is going to change the direction
of my blog, completely!!

I am going to be a Mimi!!!  That's right!!

My bonus daughter, Amy, who got married last September, 
is just, and I mean just, pregnant!!!  

She isn't due until October, but, I want to start getting things set up
here, on the blog, now, in early anticipation of my new 

Stay tuned for some new pages, possibly new freebies and, 
for anyone interested, lots of baby news.


Tracey Tilson Photography said...

Such wonderful news! You'll LOVE being a Mimi, just as I love being a Namaw! There's just nothing like it. Raising our own can be stressful at times when you're trying to work a full time job, run a house, cook, etc. But when you get grandkids, it's nothing but FUN! Congrats to you and your family!

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