Friday, July 3, 2009

Layout Love at MLAS

If you travel to the store this weekend for the 45% off Sale...
You really should check this out!

You could win up to $60 in coupons!!

You MUST sign up over at My Life and Scrap
to let us know that you are going to participate.
You can sign up beginning June 29.
The official contest period is from July 1–31, 2009.
There is no deadline for signing up to participate,
but your comments in the My Life and Scrap gallery
will not count until you have signed up.
So the sooner you sign up, the better!

Prizes will be awarded to the three participants
who have left the most comments in the MLAS
gallery during the contest period. We are looking
for meaningful comments. If you just go through
the gallery and say things like “Great layout” or
“Nice job” you will not be eligible to win.


Linda said...

Great blog! Yeah ladies... stop by mlas great sale!

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